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She's Done! Barbara Evans Is Officially Retiring To Raise Jace


Photo Copyright © 2017 Instagram


It’s official! Barbara Evans is retiring…from Walmart.

That’s right, folks! Despite earning a pretty hefty paycheck from MTV, Babs has continued working at Walmart all this time.


On Wednesday, December 6, Barbara revealed that she is officially retiring from Walmart, though she will still remain a staple on Teen Mom 2.

The Teen Mom fan favorite announced the big news with a blurry photo of a glass of wine next to her Santa Claus figurine and a candle.


“Happy Retirement to ME !!!!!” she captioned the photo.

After the announcement, several fans congratulated Barbara on her amazing news.


“Whoo hoo, time to party now!! Love you barb, you my fav teen mom mom,” one commenter wrote.

“Congratulations better watch Davids not peeping in the window and snapping that glass of wine!! Love you Babs,” another added.

Earlier this year, a Reddit thread was started by a Teen Mom fan who wanted to know why Babs was still working at Walmart after snagging an MTV gig.

“Probably because it's a real job that probably offers health benefits for her and Jace. Barb isn't an idiot. She knows Teen Mom won't be around forever,” one fan suggested. “If I were in her position, that money would have gone straight into an account for Jace when he goes to college.”

Another added: “yep. Also she's an adult, and was in the workforce for probably ~40 years before Teen Mom came around. She's a worker and she's used to working. It structures her life, she probably has some friends at work, and, like you said, health benefits. I do hope she can work way less though and retire! That woman is really exemplary for still working a full-time job for minimum-ish wage and raising her grandchildren at 60+. She should be enjoying herself.”

“I love Babs but I use her as an example. I tell my kids I won't raise your child. I'll spoil the shit out of my grandkids but I won't raise them. Atm it really only applies to my daughter but she is 21 and she says she needs like 10 more years before she even thinks about having a baby,” one person wrote.

As for Barbara’s plans for retirement, it looks like her priority at this point is raising Jace by herself.

Now that Jenelle Evans has married David Eason, a known womanizer, Babs is doing whatever she can to make sure Jace grows up in a loving home.

Just last month, a woman who claimed to know David reached out to Barbara on social media and urged her to be cautious around him.

"Barbara, I know first hand how David is," the woman, who claimed to be an old friend of David’s ex-girlfriend JD, said. "JD told me that David told him he is just using Jenelle," she continued. "David also said he's had it all planned out and has from day one, when it comes to his true intentions."

Fortunately for Jace, he’s going to get all of his grandma’s attention now that she’s retired.