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Megyn Kelly Is Planning To Release A Tell-All Book About Matt Lauer's Sexual Misconduct

Megyn Kelly Is Planning To Release A Tell-All Book About Matt Lauer

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Megyn Kelly has never shied away from delivering the hard hitting news. After spending years working for Fox News, the popular reporter was involved in her own fair share of alarming news, including sexual harassment scandals at the network where she was employed. Now, Megyn works with NBC and ‘The Today Show’, and we all know what happened there. Back in November, it was revealed that Megyn’s colleague Matt Lauer had behaved inappropriately with various women on the show, and was terminated from his position.

Hoda Kotb has since taken over for Lauer, but Megyn apparently has some plans of her own up her sleeve.

Apparently, Matt’s termination “lit a fire under her”, and she wants to write a tell-all book about the disgraced anchor.


“She wasn’t Matt’s colleague for very long, but long enough to gather enough information about him to fill a book, which is exactly what she’s planning to do,” revealed an insider.
According to the source, Megyn’s book will get into “Matt’s secret life at NBC, his dirty deeds and horrible antics with women.” Yikes!

There are already publishers eager to work with Megyn, and she could make up to a whopping $10 million for this book if she dishes all the dirt...which it sounds like she will.
“Megyn won’t hold back any details,” the source said. “She wants to put an end to decades of sweeping these secrets under the rug.”


The stories we’ve heard about Matt are alarming enough, but Megyn is apparently getting emails from more women telling their stories, so who knows what allegations will come out next.
“Megyn’s been getting shocking emails from women who want to tell their stories about Matt,” the insider claimed. “She says she wants this book to be a wake-up call, not just to men like Matt who are sexual predators and harassers, but to the people who protect them.”


Megyn has no doubts that a book of this caliber will be a huge hit, especially right now.

“Matt was in your living room or at your breakfast table every morning,” the source explained. “Exposing him in a book, getting to why and how he did it, talking to his victims and colleagues, will be huge.”

She clearly has no issue coming after Matt; she has already interviewed some of his victims, and it doesn’t appear that she’s going easy on him at all. Needless to say, her ratings have skyrocketing since she began discussing these sexual misconduct allegations.

“Megyn’s been harder on Matt than any other newscaster,” the source continued. “Megyn is excited about this project. She’s not holding back on anything.”

Would you read Megyn Kelly’s tell-all book about Matt Lauer?