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Mama June Has A New Man In Her Life And She's Absolutely In Love With Him

Mama June Has A New Man In Her Life And She

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Sorry fellas- Mama June Shannon is off the market! The popular reality star- who has recently down to an astounding size 4- has been gushing about the new man in her life, and it looks like she couldn’t be happier.

If you recall, Mama June split from Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson back in 2014. Just a few months after they called it quits, her hit show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ was canceled, as it was revealed that Mama June was dating a sex offender. June’s daughter Anne Marie accused the man of molesting her when she was 8, but June denied all of the claims that she was still dating him.

In 2016, June and Sugar Bear appeared on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ together, where he revealed that he had been unfaithful to her with both men and women.


Needless to say, June’s love life has been less than ideal, but it appears that all of that has changed! While Mama June has not yet revealed that name of her new boo, she did say that he is “very, very awesome” and that he’s made her believe in love again.

"He actually restored my faith and the girls' faith in men. It's the little things...he is above and beyond anything that I could ever expect." June said. "It's just been me and the girls for so long, and we've been through a lot. It's hard to be able to trust somebody, and it was a lot of walls that he had to break down with me and the girls, honestly."


Apparently, the two started off as friends, and now they’re dating!


"We honestly were just wanting to be friends and things just worked out." she said.
So what does June’s ex Sugar Bear think about the new love in her life? Truthfully, she doesn’t “care”.

"As long as I'm happy and the girls are happy at the end of the day, that's all that matters to me," she admitted.

Hopefully we’ll learn even more about Mama June’s mystery man soon!