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Fans Are Upset With Khloe Kardashian For Putting Her Baby's Health At Risk

Fans Are Upset With Khloe Kardashian For Putting Her Baby

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Khloe Kardashian may be on Cloud 9 about her pregnancy, but the online trolls are always looking for a way to bring her down. Khloe and her famous fam are no strangers to scrutiny, but the backlash she received over a recent Instagram picture is pretty darn ridiculous. Don’t people read Instagram captions anymore?

Big sister Kourtney Kardashian shared a throwback picture on her Instagram picture which showcased Khloe holding stacks of cash with her best friend Malika. In the picture, Khloe is exhaling a big cloud of smoke, which sent followers into a frenzy.

Considering the fact that Malika is currently living in the ‘Big Brother’ house, this picture was obviously not taken recently, but people still freaked out, and thought that Khloe was smoking while pregnant. Needless to say, the comment section exploded with haters jumping down Khloe’s throat for being a bad mom.


“What is Khloe blowing out considering she’s pregnant?” one person wrote.

“SHE’S PREGNANT,” wrote another. “IS SHE STUPID.”


“Wait she smokin while pregnant?” added a concerned fan. “Nahhhh KoKo That ain’t cool.”

Thankfully, lots of more aware Kardashian fads helped Khloe out in the comments, explaining that it was clearly an old picture.


"Obviously it was before she was pregnant," one Instagram user explained. "some people commenting should use common sense. She’s tried so hard to have a baby, I think she’s extra careful with what she does."

"All these fools commenting @khloekardashian shouldn’t be smoking," said another. "It’s obviously a throwback picture as she clearly has no baby bump in this picture and @forevermalika is in the big brother house in the UK."

We all know how passionate Khloe is about health and fitness, and also how long she’s wanted to be a mother. It’s pretty evident that the 33-year-old first time mom would never jeopardize her baby’s health by smoking!

Maybe it’s better if Kourtney avoid posting any throwback pictures for awhile...at least any with Khloe in them!