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Danielle Maltby Dishes On Her Real Feelings About Wells Adams' Relationship With Sarah Hyland

Danielle Maltby Dishes On Her Real Feelings About Wells Adams

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Sarah Hyland stunned fans when she revealed that she had been secretly dating Bachelor Nation favorite Wells Adams. But is everybody as in love with their relationship as we are?

That’s exactly the question Bachelor in Paradise fans are asking Danielle Maltby, who shared a steamy makeout session with Adams before leaving the show earlier this year.


While speaking with Us Weekly, Maltby revealed that not only is she still good friends with Adams, she’s also met his amazing new girlfriend.

“Oh, of course we are [still friends]. I’m so happy for him,” Maltby said on Monday. “I’ve met Sarah. Sarah is amazing.”


Maltby, who briefly dated Adams before either of them even appeared on The Bachelor, explained exactly why she thinks Adams, 33, and the Modern Family star, 27, are the perfect couple.

“They bounce off of each other so well, like they really bring out the best of each other,” she shared. “Like they’re both so funny and amp each other up so much. And the smile that Wells gets on his face is unreal. It’s so cute. It really is so cute.”


In an episode of his podcast, Your Favorite Thing, Wells opened up about his relationship with Maltby outside of The Bachelor franchise.

According to Adams, the pair, who hail from Nashville, met several years ago and even went on a date together.

Wells, a radio DJ, later appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, while Maltby vied for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor.

The pair reunited this past summer, when Wells took over the bartending duties on BIP, while Maltby was a contestant on the show.

When Maltby, a nurse, realized she wasn’t going to find love in paradise, she decided to leave the show early for an opportunity to work in Africa.

Before leaving, however, Maltby and Adams shared a passionate kiss that led many fans to wonder if they planned on picking up where they left off back home.

Alas, both Maltby and Adams say they are just really good friends these days.

“I think it’s very flattering that that people are so interested in our little relationship considering it was 15 seconds at the end of an episode,” Adams told Us Weekly earlier this year. “I think ABC did a good job of compounding the interest by not addressing it at the after-show. We are just friends now. If things progress romantically, we’re going to take our time with that and not worry about the show or anything like that trying to make us something that we’re not ready to be. I knew I always wanted to make out with her because she’s gorgeous and awesome and one of my friends. But she’s not part of my friend group, she’s part of my inner circle of friends. So in Nashville I think that was just too weird.”

As for whether there’s any awkwardness between the pair now that Wells is dating Hyland, Maltby says they all get along very well.

“No, she’s really awesome,” Maltby said. “They spend a lot of time together. Any time Sarah comes to town she’s like, ‘Danielle!’ and I’m like ‘Sarah, it’s so good to see you!’ It’s cute.”

While Maltby is absolutely thrilled to see Adams in a happy new relationship, she’s hoping to find the same for herself.

“I’m not [seeing anyone],” the reality star revealed. “So if you know of any men, send them my way!”