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A Recent Tweet From Briana DeJesus' Sister Has 'Teen Mom' Fans Convinced That She Secretly Married Javi

A Recent Tweet From Briana DeJesus

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Sorry to all those ‘Teen Mom’ fans who got your hopes up...it looks like Javi and Briana haven’t decided to tie the knot- not yet at least! For those of you who aren’t on team Javiana, they are still together, but there’s no ring on Bri’s finger.

Briana was happy to clear up all the rumors herself:

"My relationship with Javi is going really well," Briana said. "Things between us are continuing to develop and we are happy together. As you can see in recent Instagram live videos, he also gets along well with my family. As far as marriage right now, no, we are not currently married. That rumor is really funny to us, but it’s not true. Also, fans can relax, I’m not pregnant with his baby. That also is a false rumor. As I stated, things between us are going great, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”


So what was it that sent fans into a frenzy in the first place?

On January 6th, Briana's sister Brittany wrote a tweet that made it seem like Briana and Javi were legally bound.


“Sooo... my brother in law just got me a dog. Wait until y'all see him,” Brittany wrote.

If you haven’t seen Briana’s Instagram picture, she and Javi recently adopted an adorable grey and white bulldog.


Getting a dog together is a pretty big commitment, but that’s not why people thought the MTV duo had gotten hitched. Did you see what she wrote? “Brother in law”? What does that mean?

“OMG did Briana and Javi get married and not tell anyone?!” one excited fan wrote.

“Javi and Briana are so perfect together! If they really did get married, I’m so happy for them!” shared another.

While rumors were swirling for a bit that the two had called it quits, many fans think that Javi and Briana have not been together long enough to get married.

Apparently that whole brother in law thing was just a joke? Only time will tell…

“Javi and I are still together. We are making plans toward our future. Our relationship has been great thus far and I believe we both see long term potential,” Briana said when asked about the breakup rumors. “Only the future will tell, but we’re enjoying being together and have a great time each time we are together.”

Don’t forget, Briana continued to claim that she and Javi were “just friends” when everyone knew they were dating, so maybe she’s playing coy about the wedding too!

What do you think?